• Do I Qualify?
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Do I Qualify?

1. Does my company need a POS system to integrate and work with Gratuity Solutions?

Yes, It does.

2. What if my POS system is not on your list of integrated POS systems?

Gratuity Solutions can integrate with any POS system, dependent on the number of locations requesting integration, and support from the POS provider. Please contact us with if you do not see your POS system listed.

3. Do I need to have a Time Clock integrated into my POS system to work with Gratuity Solutions?

If you require Time and Attendance tracking or if your TIPS or Commission distribution is calculated based on time, then yes, we need to integrate with a time clock to allocate time and attendance of each employee. Please contact us to learn more about the list of external time clocks we do integrate with.

Tip Distribution Rules:

1. What types of tip distribution rules do you support?

As long as it is a mathematically logical distribution schedule, our solution can support it. Calculations and distributions can be based on:

  • NET Sales
  • Specific Category Sales
  • Cash Sales
  • TIPS and/or Service Charges
  • Declared Cash TIPS
  • Individually based
  • Based on time spent at work
  • Equally based
  • Based on the defined job coefficient (Point system)

2. Is there a limitation to distribution rules?

No. We can accommodate an unlimited number of tip distribution rules.

3. What happens if we have no support staff on the clock?

Everything is triggered based on job codes/positions. If you have no support staff on the clock, those job codes/positions are not part of the tip pool and servers/bartenders are not required to tip-out.

4. How do you handle TIPS on large parties, split between multiple servers?

We can handle TIPS on large parties in different ways. With our Platform, you are able to manually “Team Up” servers on Gratuity Solutions’ PayDay Portal or we could completely automate that process for you. You may discuss all options with your Gratuity Solutions' Integration Specialist during the installation process.

5. What if I have additional questions related to tip distribution rules?

You may contact us to discuss any questions you don’t see answered here. Or you can go over those questions with one of our Integration Specialists during installations for your free trial.

Installation & Integration

1. How long does it take Gratuity Solutions to roll out a single location?

It takes only a few minutes to install the POS agent, if you have your rules of distribution ready, your portal will be ready the same day.

2. How are cash TIPS handled?

Cash TIPS can be declared through your POS system, when employees are clocking out. Cash TIPS can also be auto-declared by Gratuity Solutions, based on the employee’s cash sales.

3. What if I have some additional questions regarding the installation process?

You may ask those questions by replying to the automated email sent to you right after scheduling the installation for your free trial.


1. Can you help me process payroll?

Absolutely. You will be able to generate a full payroll report directly from your PayDay Portal. That payroll report can be customized to work with any payroll company platform and can provide a wide range of data from the POS or supporting platforms, based on your services selected

2. Can you work with any payroll company?

Yes, we can work with any payroll company that accepts import of .csv or txt-based files.

  • Your Integrations Specialist will assist you in setting up an export file to match your Payroll company setup.
  • We also support direct API connection to ADP payroll platform.


1. Since the Data is automatically uploaded onto Gratuity Solutions’ PayDay Portal from my POS, do I still have the ability to make manual adjustments?

Yes, absolutely. Depending on your assigned role on Gratuity Solutions’ PayDay Portal, you can perform a wide range of manual adjustments.

2. What is required from my management team to make sure everything is calculated properly on Gratuity Solutions’ PayDay Portal?

The two factors our system relies on are: 1. accurate time and attendance, and 2. accurate job code/position. As long as, your management team is verifying the data on the POS, our solution will confirm the TIPS are distributed properly through our software.

3. Do you work with Paycards? Are you able to load TIPS or Wages to a Paycard?

Yes, we partner with all of the top Paycard platforms in the US. You can choose to load TIPS to a Paycard from our list of preferred partners. Please contact us to learn more about all of our Digital Payment options.

4. I would like to pay some employees with cash, while paying others through a Cash Card/check. Do you support mixed payments?

Yes, we do support mixed payment methods.

5. How does billing work?

You are billed monthly for our services.

6. Do you provide support post installation?

24/7/365 support is provided through your portal.