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  • You would prefer the assistance of a dedicated integration specialist
  • You need custom adjustments to your POS setup
  • You need custom adjustments to your TIPS distribution policy
  • You need guidance related to Service Charges vs. TIPS

30 Day Free Trial, with no obligations or contract. Upon expiration, you will be given 3 business days to enroll or the account will be disabled for further use and access. Should you fail or refuse to enroll within 3 business days of the trial period expiration, your data will be purged from our site. Please refer to the Demo Agreement for the other Terms and Conditions.

Please note that your Trial will be a fully functional version of the GratShare portal for you and your employees for the duration of the trial. However, the automatic payroll export function and ADP ALINE Visa TIPS to Card program will only be enabled upon signing up for those services.