Gratuity Solutions, privately held limited liability company, has created and patented technology which will close the gap connecting sales records and employee data to the business payday endpoint of generating payroll and payment, including loading TIPS, Wages and Sales Commission earnings, on a PayCard.

Without our technology, the only way to process this information required human interaction. Now we have created the platform to transform the process so that it is fully automated.

Our Company was originally founded, and appropriately named Gratuity Solutions, to solve the problem in the hospitality industry related to TIPS, primarily dealing with TIPS management automating the calculation, allocation and distribution of TIPS. Our solutions’ unique platform leveraged our technological ability to extract the necessary information from the source of records, namely the Point of Sale system. Through the past nine (9) years in the market our Company has become a leader in the industry of POS integrations and automating the management, allocation and payment of TIPS, wages, commissions and services charges.

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